Women equality is something that I fight for. Why is it the world thinks a woman is supposed to sit home and be barefoot and pregnant. Women are looked at as a weaker sex. We’re not supposed to stand up for ourselves have a mind and be aggressive. We must push for gender equality.

If we are in a position of authority, we’re accused of sleeping our way to the top. If we command respect in our position, we’re called bitches. We’re supposed to get married and let our husbands be the breadwinner. Why can’t we make more money than our significant other? Why should we take a backburner to our significant others careers? We’re active, intelligent and fighters.

Women Equality Quotes In A Video

This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck from Janne Robinson.

If women want to fight for their country, we’re laughed at as if we’re not strong enough to fight. We can carry a gun, strap on combat boots and take down a terrorist just as well as any men.

Women who are raped are accused of deserving it because she dressed in a short skirt, or her shirt was low cut. If she dressed appropriately, it wouldn’t have happened. Screw the people who look down on us women. We don’t deserve to be told we are to blame for our rapes. If we say no, we mean no. And screw you for saying how we dressed caused our rape. If boys were raised to respect women no matter how they dressed, there’d be less raped. Or if they were taught to be gentlemen and respect the word ‘NO’ we could feel better.

To all the naysayers who think the women who are abused must have done something to deserve being beaten to a bloody pulp – screw you. No woman deserves to be struck or belittled for being a woman.

To the people who can’t understand why a woman would want to dance naked in the rain – screw you too. There’s something beautiful about being free of clothing. Or how about breastfeeding in public. Why is it disgusting for a woman to do the most natural thing for a mother in public? Why do we have to hide like it’s shameful?

If I want to have kinky sex because that’s what I like – I don’t expect you to call me a whore. Why is it okay for a man to be sexually active but a woman is a slut? I’m sick of all the double standards in the world.

Of if we want to love another woman instead of a man – why do we have to be called butchy or dikes? Why can’t we be a woman in love?

I’m tired of all the racism in this world. Why can’t we all love one another for their kindness and not the color of their skin?

And what about women who curse? Why are we nasty, trash speaking, trailer trash for dropping a few f bombs?

Why can’t we hit on a man if we’re interested in him? Who says we need to wait for him to make the first move or him to come to us? There’s nothing wrong with a woman buying a beer for a guy and being the first to make a move.

Women lead a high percentage of professional, technical and related occupations. In fact, 51 percent of working women are employed either full time or part time in these roles – so why don’t we earn less money than men? These days both parents need to work outside the house, so we require equal pay or more for doing the same jobs as men.

I’m tired of please the world. I’m sick of being what society thinks I should be. Screw you because I’m going to stand up for every woman out there and demand the same money as our fellow men, men who can be challenged by a woman and not threatened by her brilliance.

If I want to wait until I’m forty to have a baby, then I will. I refuse to be looked at as money hungry, corporate climbing bitch. Maybe I’m happy working and enjoying live. Maybe I’m waiting until I’ve traveled, learned my lessons and have a financial bank account, so I can stay home with my child for as long as I want. Or maybe I won’t be a stay at home mom.

Maybe I’ll go back to work right after I have the child because I don’t want to be a full time mom. Screw the world for looking at me as a bad mother. I have a right to my life too. I have a right to my career – just like any man.

So the next time you look at a woman and think she should be home bare-foot and pregnant think again. The world is changing and with it women are becoming a major factor. Get on board or get the F off my train. Either way I’m going to be the best version of me – because I’m a woman, and I rock!