If you have a bit of extra time or you’re currently unemployed you may want to consider giving some of that extra time that you have to volunteering. I always encourage my son Ogden O’Reilly-Hyland and my husband Paul O’Reilly-Hyland to volunteer anytime they can. Volunteering is an absolutely free method in which you can earn experience, and donate your time to worthy causes so that you can affect change around the world. Many nonprofit organizations and charities are looking for new volunteers every day, so search within your local community and find a local charity that requires help so that you can experience these top five benefits and more.

1. Donating your time to a charity can be challenging: challenging yourself keep your life exciting. The challenge can help you to learn new skills and allow us to feel an amazing sense of accomplishment when we overcome challenges. Working for a charity means setting goals and breaking them and as you work as a team and commit your time to a charity you can challenge yourself as well as be rewarded when you complete goals.

2. It can give you an overwhelming sense of purpose: if you spend time feeling bored or you’re looking for a new hobby or activity consider volunteering your time is the time that you spend volunteering for charity doesn’t usually feel like work because there is an overwhelming good feeling knowing that you are committing to a cause that is affecting good change in the community around you and communities around the world.

3. It’s flexible and rewarding: unlike some other activities which start and end at specific times you can be extremely flexible with your volunteer hours. Charities are interested in getting volunteers during whatever schedule works best for them. Charities need a lot of help but you can donate as much or as little time as you would like.

4. You can create some amazing friendships: when you get together with other people who are passionate about the same causes as you friendships conform very easily. You can meet some great people in your community and establish long-lasting friendships by volunteering for a local charity.

5. Volunteering can lead to full-time careers: charities quite often more hire on some of their best volunteers when they have funding. If you are performing a number of useful tasks for a charity that have increased their social outreach or the impact that they have in the global community, there is a good chance that a charity would like to keep your skills so that you can continue to benefit their cause with a paid position to secure your time.