You may hear about charity runs, cycling events and marathons happening in your local town, but you may have never considered running yourself. Whether you lead a busy lifestyle, feel as though you are out of shape, or you would simply rather give to a cause rather than participate in a charitable event, running for charity is an event that could truly change your life and ensure that you are giving to a worthy cause that you are passionate about not only with your money but with your time as well.

A charity run can challenge us as well as provide us with a fun event that we can take part in. The underlying goal of the charity run however is to raise money for worthy causes and there can be some great benefits and reasons why you should consider entering one of these events today.

1. You can meet other people passionate about your cause: hearing other stories as well as getting in touch with other people can help you to affect real change. Going to events where others are passionate about the same charities you are can help you organize fund-raising efforts and make sure that you and your community can generate a collective charitable effort to raise more money and affect more change around the world.

2. You can work to get in shape: a marathon, bike ride or even a quick fun run can be a great incentive to get into shape. These charity events can become a bit competitive as well and if you’re interested in setting a great time you can take the time to not only fun raise but also get in shape which can help you live longer and boost your immune system.

3. For one afternoon of dedication you could change someone’s life: time that would normally be spent watching television, shopping or relaxing can be given up so that you can make a serious effort to change someone else’s life. Raising money for charity run and giving to a worthy charity could be enough to make sure that someone in a developing nation gets an education or has food and shelter to survive.

4. You can build great memories: charity runs usually take place in beautiful locations, some charity runs even involve shutting down part of the downtown core which will allow you to run on streets that are normally very populated. You can get some of the best views of your city and some fantastic memories from running in a charity run.

5. You can set and break goals to feel amazing accomplishments: setting a goal for your fundraising efforts as well as setting a goal to finish the run in a certain amount of time can help to challenge you as well is provide you with an amazing sense of accomplishment for giving to a charitable cause as well as pushing yourself to break personal goals.