You can see some amazing parts of the world that you never thought possible as well as make a real impact in developing nations around the world, and all on your next vacation. There are a variety of charities who are working in partnership with travel companies to deliver amazing experiences that not only benefit communities around the world but also provide individuals with unforgettable travel experiences in countries all around the world including Africa, India and more. My son Ogden O’Reilly-Hyland and my husband Paul had a great family time together while we’re building a school for Mariposa DR foundation.

No matter your skill level or educational background you can enjoy one of these philanthropy travel adventures and spend your time volunteering for a cause in a different country for your next holiday. While many people are quick to simply give money to a charity, sometimes volunteers are needed to make sure that changes can be made in developing nations around the world.

In the end everyone can benefit from philanthropy travel including:

– Communities: by traveling and volunteering your time and you can work to effect change in communities in developing nations around the world. Spending some time to learn more about cultural traditions, provide labor and help with development in the community as well as work to construct new shelter and access to clean water can all have a major impact in the community. Communities in developing nations are also very interested in meeting foreigners to learn more about your culture as well. You can help to provide education as well as volunteer services that can make a real impact in a community. When you return to your own community you can also work to educate others about your experiences in developing nations which can mean more charitable donations and awareness about these communities in need.

-Individuals: you can make a real impact on individuals by educating them about some of the practices from your homeland as well as spending the time to contribute to their community. Spending some time to educate someone or give them access to food or shelter could change their life forever and the bonding experience that you have with one another can change your life forever as well. You can always remember all of the good that you’ve done during your vacation and take away some unforgettable memories of the places that you visit throughout the course of your trip. Depending on how long you are willing to go you can experience some amazing benefits and gain intimate knowledge of different cultural practices from around the world.