Since 2012 unfortunately seemed to produce a great deal more tragedy and despair than inspiration and hope, my three resolutions are more specific than in past years and are aimed at advocating about three individual crisis’ plaguing our society at large.

Resolution #1: Push my local elected officials and national representatives to ban assault weapons. While my instinct is to work to take every single gun off every single street, that’s simply not feasible, as the Second Amendment is not being revoked any time soon. Therefore, the proposed assault-weapons ban will boil down to a simple question: Can gun-control advocates peel off enough NRA members who believe in the right to own a gun, but not heavy weaponry, in order to give pro-gun politicians the cover to vote “yes” on the ban. If that seems unbelievably convoluted to simply keep guns like this off the street, then you don’t know politics. Whether it’s through tweeting, letter-writing, petition-gathering or conversing with friends, I will spread the word as far and wide as possible that assault weapons must go.

Resolution #2: Put as much of a spotlight as humanly possible on girls’ education all over the globe, but more specifically in Pakistan. It truly is heartening that the government of Pakistan gave $10 million to a fund geared towards girls’ education in the wake of the attempted assassination of 15-year-old education activist Malala Yousafzai. But no amount of money is going to make an iota of difference without the adoption of significant security reforms that allow girls to go to school in an environment that is safe. To wit, in the month since the money was pledged, violence against girls schools in the tribal areas has continued unabated, culminating in a New Year’s Day attacked that killed five teachers. Elsewhere, though girls may not be dodging bullets to go to school, they are still facing significant challenges for education equality with their male counterparts. In 2014, let’s move from talking about gender equality in the classroom to doing something about it.

Resolution #3: Highlight the impacts of climate change. Despite two so-called “100-year storms” slamming the East Coast in the span of 14 months, many Americans – from the everyday Joe and Jane to the members of Congress – continue to fuel the falsehood that global warming doesn’t exist. While acceptance is the final stage of grief, it is the first stage in a long process of fixing our planet, and I will use any outlet I have to help climate change-deniers see the error of their ways.