While progressing in our lives and careers we often do not pay enough attention to people that do need our help and how we may provide support for them. Often we are only paying attention to the closest individuals to our community that are in need but if you are determined that you need to make a difference in this world you should really focus on establishing systems that are truly effective so that support may reach the people in need.

This is what philanthropy is all about – providing the needed help regardless of the consequences and the feelings of envy and anxiety that this may reinforce in others as a result.

All of this is not easy achieve. This is why becoming a part of an organization that is focused on specific actions to improve the lives of people in a worse environment is essential in order to keep your focus. There is far more that you can do for HIV positive children in Africa, for example, by supporting an organization that has already established a great system to increase their well-being than you can ever do all by yourself.

Research and development are also important areas where ideas and innovations are needed as well as support but the important thing again is active participation and progress. This is one of the most important things that most people neglect and do not recognize. Most people focus on the negative and do not bother to think of ways to improve the situation. Or worse, become overwhelmed by the seemingly overwhelming scale needed to achieve “meaningful” change and hence justify doing nothing.

There are countless situations that need improvement. Perhaps not enough people care, or maybe those that do just don’t know how to start or to make any small contribution that they think may not be worth the effort. And then of course there are plenty who just don’t care or worse, are part of the problem.

Fighting for gender inequality is an ongoing battle not only in developing countries but in the West as well. Having said that, the conditions for girls in developing countries are far worse than girls in the West and one of the most important things for girls in developing countries is education. By receiving a proper and equal education, not only do girls become more independent in their thinking and actions but these girls also become an integral part of the fabric of change in improving the community from basic health, later and less pregnancies, improved economic conditions and with all of that, improved social status for the women themselves.