It hasn’t been two years since a sick 20-year-old stormed a school and slaughtered 26 innocent people, and the NRA and its acolytes have already succeeded in twisting the issue away from gun control and towards where the spotlight really belongs…on David Gregory.

Mr. Gregory’s sudden notoriety arises from last year’s episode of MTP with NRA head honcho Wayne LaPierre. In the course of the interview, Gregory produced a 30-bullet magazine to illustrate a point about how outlawing these types of clips might potentially make Americans safer.

The problem is that the specific magazine that Gregory produced is already banned in Washington, D.C., where MTP is filmed. Hence, Gregory’s “possession” of the magazine could be considered illegal, and, as many on the right hysterically pointed out, carries a penalty of up to a year in prison.

So should your friendly neighborhood political talk show host go to jail for his transgressions?

Let’s get real.

Mr. Gregory was making a point, and it’s a good one among many in the gun-control debate. If there had been a law banning the kind of magazine Lanza loaded into his weapon, is it possible he wouldn’t have been able to locate such a high-capacity magazine (remember all the guns he used were legally purchased)? Of course, it’s possible. And could the “carnage” (Gregory’s word) have been limited? Yes, that’s possible, as well.

And could Gregory’s producing of this empty magazine further that debate? Let’s hope so.

While we’re talking about a lot of possible outcomes, there is one outcome that is not a possibility. Gregory would not have used the magazine for anything but as a prop.

Adam Lanza’s heinous crime has finally sparked a real conversation about gun control; that conversation will only continue if we are not sucked into sideshow distractions.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball.