If you have found a cause or a local charity that you are interested in helping and you would like to raise more money for a cause there are a number of steps that you should go through as well as some fundraising strategies that you can use to generate more interest in your community as well as generate more funds that you can eventually send along to your charity are worthy cause. My son Ogden and my husband Paul O’Reilly-Hyland are also active in charity and fundraising events..

One of the first steps that you want to do after you have selected a cause is to learn as much as you can about that individual charity. If you’re interested in becoming a representative of that charity or a volunteer it’s very important that you know everything about the charity so that you can properly represent and explain the charity you create a social impact and raise funds without giving inaccurate information. After you have learned all that you can you can start to implement fundraising strategies.

1. Online fundraising: a new and popular fundraising strategy involves social outreach online with the use of blogging, social media, micro-transaction websites and crowd funding websites reaching out across these various sources will help you to collect donations and fundraise by raising awareness.

2. Making some phone calls: you can directly make phone calls or even ask people in your community about giving to your cause. Asking people directly is a great way you can get into contact with some donors to your cause and start to fund raise without spending extra money.

3. Holding fundraising events: it’s very popular to host a small party in which entrance to the party involves some type of charitable donation. You’d be surprised the amount of fundraising that you can accomplish by hosting a special club night or special event. Many local businesses might be willing to offer up a small percentage of the proceeds in their drinks or food that evening to be donated to your cause.

4. Raffles: going to local events and offering up 50-50 tickets will give people a chance of winning 50% of the total dollar amount collected. The other 50% of the raffle money will go directly to a cause of your choice. This is very popular for local sporting events and can even be done as a weekly draw at your workplace.

By using these fundraising strategies you can work to generate more interest and more funds for worthy causes of your choice.