While many people are very quick to list the top concerns in developing countries as poverty, clean water, shelter and health care, they often forget the inclusion of education for girls. Throughout many parts of the world education for women is simply not encouraged or even allowed. Primary schools are being built around the world in many developing nations and the process of focusing on education is now at an all-time high around the world even in some of the world’s poorest communities.

With these positive strides we are also seeing major trends when it comes to mostly boys or men being enrolled in these types of schools. With millions of children not enrolled in school worldwide it’s quite often the young girls and the young women who are kept at home and not given access to any type of education.

This can lead to a number of drastic problems around the world especially in developing nations. Women who have no access to education quite often become no more than commodities. The aspirations for women who do not receive any type of education can really only be to be a good wife, to bear children and please a man. Those who are not so lucky and are asked to provide for their families quite often end up falling into situations of trafficking and sexual exploitation. These types of positions can lead to major health concerns like HIV, STDs and extremely young and complicated births which can put young women at terrible risks. By giving women and young girls access to education we can prevent these issues from occurring in the developing world and allow women to find their place and contribute to global economies. This will help them to provide for their families as well as their future children.

My name is Joelle Wyser-Pratte and I am a board member at EGG (Educate Girls Globally) it has been my philanthropic mission to provide developing communities around the world with the resources that they need to educate girls and allow them to provide for themselves and contribute to their local economies. I have worked with a number of partners and board members to work in countries around the world such as India and accept donations to create opportunities for girls around the world to finally have access to real education. If you are interested in learning more about this program please contact me on the EGG webpage under Joelle Wyser-Pratte.