Many people don’t see the value of donating money towards social programs and developing nations that will give women access to education. I always teach my son Ogden O’Reilly-Hyland how important education is. A lot of charities focus on delivering more basic needs such as shelter, access to food and clean drinking water. In some developed nations there are areas where women simply do not have access to enroll in any form of formal education. When girls are encouraged to go to school and when funding is opened up to encourage girls to go to school in developing nations some amazing benefits can be seen for these impoverished communities around the world:

1. Lower child mortality rates: young girls who are able to receive education are far less likely to experience health concerns especially when it comes to conditions like HIV or AIDS. One of the biggest contributors to infant mortality rates are diseases like this one. As children become more educated mothers will work to inform themselves about proper nutrition and practices that they will need to conform to during their pregnancy. This leads to healthier births and healthier children which are the future of any community.

2. Lowering fertility rates: too many children being born into an impoverished community can make things very difficult. Girls that receive an education can become more informed about issues like family planning, sexual exploitation and more. They can learn how to protect themselves and how to better prepare and plan for a family which can lower fertility rates and ensure that they have the resources to start a family before getting pregnant.

3. Contributing to future generations: giving girls access to education means that they can work to teach their entire family. While men are expected to work in many developing communities women can stay home and work to educate their family. This ensures that future generations are receiving an education as well.

4. Independence and economy building: women with access to education can earn higher wages and gain access to new jobs as well as create new labor opportunities. This means that by giving girls access to education you can actually work to contribute to the local economy. This can mean that a developing community could have access to create more opportunities like new work, more infrastructure and better access to food and water. Giving girls the option to work can help them take care of their family and create more people earning money and spending money in any community.