Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spare, giving to charity can provide you with some amazing benefits as well as even more benefits for those who do charitable cause is for. Taking the time to seek out charities that you are passionate about and then setting aside some money to donate to these charities can provide you with these four benefits and more:

1. Supporting a charity can keep you informed about social issues: when you are seeking out a charity you will begin to learn about a variety of different social programs that are operating throughout our world. You can discover new causes that you may not have known existed as well as learn about some of the social injustices in the world that require help. Learning about these causes can help you to educate other people and ensure that people who are affected and required these charitable donations can receive more funding to help change their lives and give them a better quality of life. Being informed about these events can make you more aware of what’s going on in the world and help you to make the world a better place.

2. Helping others can make you feel great: even donating a little bit of money to charity can make us feel great especially when we learn about some of the charitable actions that the money has gone towards. If even a portion of your donation goes into a worthy cause like building a school, providing immunizations or developing medical research this can leave you with a great feeling knowing that you did something to help this cause and to change the lives of others in the world.

3. Donating your time can help you find new social connections: you can donate your time to many nonprofit organizations and get into touch with other great people who are passionate about causes that you are passionate in. You can make great friends by donating your time as well as feel good about donating some of your extra time to make an impact in your world.

4. Donations can be tax-deductible: taking the time to donate to charity can also give you a bit of a break on your taxes. If you are donating your time so the money that you might have spent in parking costs or even gas for your car are completely reimbursable and tax-deductible as well. Volunteering your time is of no extra cost to you and you can receive a break on your yearly taxes by donating to charitable causes as well.