About Joelle

About Joelle Wyser-Pratte

Joelle Wyser-Pratte is the founding partner of OCP Capital. She is known mainly for her philanthropic contributions. Wyser-Pratte is perhaps most famous for her work as a board member of the organization Educate Girls Globally.

EGG takes the collective donations school charities and figures out how to use that money collectively to affect serious educational change and reform in underdeveloped areas like India and Africa. Although EGG focuses primarily on girls’ schools for donation, any school can donate and some boys’ schools have done so. EGG has been operating in India since 2005, both improving government education for girls and also financing girls’ educations.

EGG strongly encourages community participation to promote its development in the parts of the world where it provides education. EGG has a prevalent attitude of being a feminine organization. EGG’s mission statement is “educate one girl, and she can educate ten more,” which is appropriate because EGG is primarily women helping girls to help other girls. EGG currently has two operations in India, one in the north and one in the west. EGG has declared a goal of educating at least four million children by 2015. The donations required would cost less than two dollars a child, but just less than eight million collectively.

In addition to the EGG, Joelle Wyser-Pratte also serves as a member of the Mariposa DR Foundation, which has similar goals and operates in a similar way. Mariposa DR describes its goals as eradicating starvation, gender inequality, world poverty, poor education and health, and HIV, malaria, and other horrible diseases. Mariposa DR operates in third world countries and similar regions and like EGG, Mariposa DR is extremely community driven.
Mariposa DR is a member of the Girl Effect, a collaboration of organizations and initiatives designed to put adolescent girls to work stimulating cultural and economic change in high poverty regions while granting them the resources to make a difference. The concept behind the girl effect is essentially fighting the gender inequality in low-education regions by educating and empowering young women before their lives are destroyed, and hoping that they use their power to do good work in their communities in turn.

Joelle Wyser-Pratte understands that many women, and especially young girls, do not share her privileged position. Wyser-Pratte uses her resources and her time to change this, and is an example of one of a profound solution to gender inequality and poverty: teaching women to help women.